Main Personnel Management
Systems at Hankook Tire

Ⅰ. Evaluation∙Reward System

Hankook Tire are encouraging each employee to set and implement their goals challengingly and innovatively. Consequently, Hankook Tire is enhancing each employee’s capabilities which are the foundation for approaching a new, innovative way of working and for producing a viable outcome.

  • Setting the
    flexible & agile goal
  • Real-time goal
  • Evaluation & Connecting
    personal rewards

Ⅱ. Diverse Opportunities

Hankook Tire operates many programs so that employees can gain work experience and establish long-term career plans in more than 30 countries where our workplaces are located.

Apply for Hankook Tire

At Hankook Tire, we are looking for tomorrow’s proactive leaders who will grow with us as experts and spread our influence around the world. Join us as you develop your career paths and make the most of your abilities through Hankook Tire’s innovative proactive culture.

  • Global(Korea)

  • US

  • Europe(Germany)

Application Process

  • Submit Resume

    STEP 01

  • Review

    STEP 02

  • Interview

    STEP 03

  • Decision

    STEP 04

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